Individual Insurance

The insurer guarantees payment of a death benefit to named beneficiaries upon the death of the insured. Life insurance can be  divided to Term insurance, Universal life insurance and Participating whole life insurance.

Provide a tax-free lump sum benefit to help you respond to the financial impacts of being diagnosed with, and surviving, any of the defined covered illnesses

The insured person could get weekly or monthly care benefits when they can’t perform activities of daily living or need constant supervision because of deteriorated mental ability.

Provide financial security by replacing a portion of your earnings if an accident or illness causes you to become unable to work or earn an income.

Medical charges can be expensive when an emergency happens during your trip. Travel insurance offer medical security for visitors coming to Canada and Canadians travelling abroad.

Group Insurance

Group insurance provides a mechanism for employers to provide employee benefits as part of an employee’s total compensation package. Group insurance benefits commonly provided in the Canadian marketplace include Group Life Insurance,Group Disability Income Insurance and Group Health Insurance

Corporate Insurance

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A mutual fund is a portfolio that may contain bonds, stocks or other investable assets like money market products that are selected and managed by a professional fund manager.

Segregated funds are an investment product sold by life insurance companies and combine the growth potential of a mutual fund with the security of a life insurance policy.

A Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) is a government-registered savings plan that helps you save for your child’s post-secondary education.

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Tax advantage retirement plan

A Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) is a tax-deferred retirement savings and investing vehicle. Money in the RRSP accounts can grow tax free and be withdrawn with marginal tax rate then.

The Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is an account that does not apply taxes on any contributions, interest earned, dividends, or capital gains, and can be withdrawn tax free.


Insured Retirement Plan(IRP)is a financial planning strategy that uses a flexible investment vehicle – tax-exempt life insurance – to build your wealth.

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