About Us

We are focusing on providing financial advisory to Chinese immigrants living in Canada. With over ten years’ experience devoting to a variety of financial products and services such as life insurance, tax planning, overseas asset allocation and financial lectures, our professional financial advisors and CPAs promise to offer the best suited option for each client.

We provide a wide range of life, health, and travel insurance products with professional and customized recommendation.

We see safety and stability as the key strategy to ensure your long-term financial security.

Our professional CPAs provide clients with tax consultations, tax reporting and other tax services.

We provide customized and professional advices to help you avoid risks and gain returns in the ever-changing investment market.

Our multi-perspective seminars aim to enable each guest to gain financial knowledge and broaden horizons.

This is our platform to serve our customers in return to their support and add color to their immigrant life.

Latest News

  • (简中) 4大银行季度盈利翻1至4倍 增加收费惹民愤

    (简中) 数据显示,加拿大4大银行上季度的盈利分别有1至4倍多的增长,表明疫情造成的经济打击可能已经消退,但大银行在疫情下仍宣布增加收费,一些顾客对此感到愤怒。

    Friday May 28th, 2021
  • (简中) 加拿大经济料增6.5% 央行明年加息

    (简中) 加拿大央行周三表示,在量化宽松政策上,将把对加拿大政府购买债券的额度从每周40亿加元降低至30亿加元。同时,央行也将目前利率维持在0.25%,但将加快加息时间,预计从2023年调至2022年下半年。

    Wednesday April 21st, 2021
  • (简中) 加拿大赤字超3500亿,预算案税收福利12大要点

    (简中) 联邦副总理兼财长方慧兰于4月19日宣读预算案,共投入300亿元,用于一项全国托儿计划,增加联邦最低工资,以及承诺拨款1760亿元用于绿色环保投资。

    Monday April 19th, 2021